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The benefits of cleansing are many, the most important of which is eliminating toxins from our system. The toxins cause stress in our tissues and organs, which in turn cause inflammation and eventually disease. The kidneys, lungs, small and large intestines, liver, colon and gall bladder all work together while juice cleansing to eliminate toxins. Other benefits often experienced with cleansing include:


Increased Energy

The digestive system gets a rest, so that energy normally committed to breaking down solid foods is available to contribute to more restorative pursuits!


Clearer Skin

When the colon is inundated with the build-up from too much processed food the ill-effects are often presented in the health of our skin.  Flushing unwanted toxins from this oft-ignored organ can really make your skin glow!


Heightened Sense of Taste 

After completing a juice cleanse, you may notice that food actually tastes the way you think it should. You can easily re-establish a wonderful sensitivity to flavors.


Weight Loss

While this is not the main intention for cleansing, people do find that they naturally shed unwanted pounds. This is the result of your digestive system gathering and releasing unprocessed food inside your body.


Healthier Food Relationships

Since you will not be having solid food, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your eating habits.  Assessing the reasons we eat “comfort” foods can be an enlightening experience that may lead to making healthier choices post-cleanse.


Improved Immune Function

Our immune function is thought to work in correlation with our digestive system. Based on this relationship, by detoxing our digestive system, we should build a stronger immune system.



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