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Q:  Why is cold pressed juice better?
A: Cold pressing juice is a unique process that does not grind or macerate produce.  Instead, by removing heat, we avoid oxidizing the fruit and vegetables thereby keeping the essential nutrients and enzymes intact.  The result of that cold press is a nutritionally dynamic, living juice that is sensational to taste and loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements that are essential to achieving optimum functionality in the body and brain.  Simply put, we cannot operate at our highest level without achieving our proper daily intake of living foods. It is important to note that juicing allows the body to absorb all the nutrients in your vegetables.  In today’s fast-paced world, vitamins have become a very popular way to supplement eating fruits and vegetables.  However, taking Beta-Carotene is very different from eating, or better yet juicing, an entire carrot.  It is necessary that the nutrients in these living foods be kept together and intact.  This is integral to our digestion because most of us have impaired our gut health by making less-than-optimal food choices over many years.  This limits our body’s ability to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables.  Juicing helps to “pre-digest” them so we receive the greatest nutritional benefit possible. Further more, juicing allows us to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner.  The average American should eat one pound of raw vegetables per fifty pounds of body weight per day.  Eating this much produce a day can be a daunting and un-enjoyable task for many people.  However, with cold pressing this can be accomplished with one or two juices a day.  Imagine the tremendous difference you would feel by adding more healthy, invigorating, detoxifying, and cleansing fruits and vegetables to your weekly diet. Variety is another important factor in our health and diet that can be achieved through raw juicing.  The same way that farmers rotate crops in order to keep soil viable, we must alternate the types of produce we ingest.  Many of us like specific fruits and vegetable, and routinely eat only those.  This violates the principal of regular food rotation and increases your chance of developing an allergy to a certain food.  With juicing, we are able to consume a wider, and therefore healthier variety of produce while being able to forgo the tastes and textures of the ones we normally do not enjoy eating.
Q:  Is your juice raw?
A:  Our juice is 100% raw.  It has never been processed, heated, pasteurized or HPP’d.  This is one of the reasons we ask you to consume our juice within a reasonable time period, typically 72 hours for optimal freshness.  This is because like all naturally raw foods, it will not stay fresh forever.  This is why we make it everyday.
Q:  Is it true you remove the fiber from your juice?
A:  Pulp or fiber removal is a natural step of our cold pressed process.  Although fiber is beneficial in helping your body move waste through your digestive system, it is counterproductive in what we are trying to achieve.  90% of vital nutrients, vitamins and enzymes contained in raw fruits and vegetables reside in the juice itself.  Fiber resides in the pulp of the plant, which we remove so your body and your digestive track can take a much needed break and allow that saved energy to be devoted to the cleansing process.
Q:  Where is your production facility?
A:  We make our juice every day in Denver, Colorado.
Q:  Where does your produce come from?
A:  Seasonally we source as much as we can locally in Colorful Colorado.  Out of season our produce comes primarily from California and Texas.
Q:  Do you use heat in your extraction process?
A:  ABSOLUTLEY NOT!  As soon as heat is introduced to raw fruits and vegetables the essential vitamins, nutrients and enzymes begin to break down.  This leaves them with a shelf life of about one hour before the health benefits have been lost.  The drawback of most home juicers is that they use a macerating or centrifugal process to extract the juice.  This generates large amounts of detrimental heat.  Conversely, the commercial grade juicer we employ instantly turns the produce into a fine pulp.  We then apply thousands of pounds of hydraulic pressure to extract every last drop of precious juice. We then bottle and store them cold until we put them in your hand.  Our cold pressed process ensures those vital nutrients remain intact for a minimum of 72 hours.
Q:  How should I store my juice?
A:  You will want to keep your juice refrigerated or at the very least chilled until you are ready to drink it.
Q:  Do you pasteurize or HPP your juice?
A:  We do not use any preservation process in the making of our juice.  Pasteurization adds heat, which destroys the raw quality and health benefits of our juice.  HPP or High Pressure Pascalization uses salt water and pressure to preserve juice.  While this process does ensure a longer shelf life, we at PJD believe juice is a living, energized force of nature and its nutritional content is most beneficial when made and consumed daily.  Much like anything else that may still be “good” if it was made two weeks ago, something made today still sounds better.
Q:  Can I drink your juice if I have a gluten allergy?
A:  Our juice is gluten free and 100% vegan.  There are no additives or preservatives added.  
Q:  What if I have a nut allergy?
A:  You will obviously want to steer clear of the Raw Almond Milk, which you can always substitute with Lemon, Ginger, Raw Honey H20 with your cleanse.  However, all of our juices are made in the same production facility as the Raw Almond Milk.
Q:  Can I drink PJD if I am lactose intolerant?
A.  By all means, drink away.  Our menu contains no dairy at all.
Q:  What about my protein requirements?
A:  There is protein not only in our Raw Almond Milk, which most people expect, but it is also lives in the protein derived from the amino acids in the living plants that comprise our Greens 1-4.  If you still feel you are lacking in protein, you can supplement your daily juice regimen or cleanse with E3 Live + Brain On, which will also provide an added boost of B-12.


Q:  Will I lose weight?
A:  Our cleanse programs are designed to eliminate toxins from your system and increase your body’s desire for nutrition.  However, weight loss is not an uncommon side effect of cleansing, but then again neither is eating (or juicing) healthy.
Q:  What should I do to prepare for my cleanse?
A:  The best thing you can do is begin weaning yourself off of caffeine, processed flours and sugars, starches, and meat about 3 days prior to your cleanse.  This will help your body begin adjusting to raw fruits and vegetables and make for a much smoother transition in cleansing.
Q:  Can I exercise during my cleanse?
A:  Exercise is beneficial to the entire cleansing process.  However, depending on the intensity of your particular workout regimen, you may want to ease it back a bit by exchanging a marathon run for a slower paced jog.  While you will still be keeping up on nutrition, you will have a lower caloric intake along with a smaller amount of food.
Q:  Will I be able to work while I cleanse?  Should I only cleanse on a weekend?
A:  While some people do choose to cleanse over the weekend simply because of lessened responsibility and temptation, doing a cleanse during the workweek is perfectly common and acceptable.  The haze that is often associated with this type of program is largely a misconception.  Often times people actually find their level of clarity to be superior while cleansing.
Q:  Are there side effects involved with a cleanse?
A:  Experiences do vary based on the individual’s regular health and wellness habits.  If you regularly exercise and eat a diet rich in raw foods you may not experience any discomfort at all.  If you are on the other end of the spectrum you may experience headaches, cramping, nausea or dizziness.  Drinking plenty of extra water and practicing some breathing exercises has been known to alleviate these symptoms when they present themselves.  Remember that your body is detoxifying itself and may experience a measure of withdrawal from chemicals like sugar, caffeine, salt, and preservatives.  This is a good thing!  If you have difficult moments during your cleanse, keep in mind that it is working and the benefits you feel on the other side of it are worth it.
Q:  How long after cleansing can I resume my regular diet?
A:  Depending on what your “regular diet” is you may not feel like resuming it at all.  Often times people find that their body responds so much better to this type of nutrition that raw fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins like fish become their new regular.  With that in mind, you should give yourself at least two or three days eating as light and raw as possibly while gradually introducing heavier foods so you don’t shock your system.
Q:  When should I cleanse?
A:  Cleansing is a great idea anytime you feel lethargic, lacking in energy, stressed, tired, torn and frayed, an illness coming on, or simply want to feel better.  We believe that incorporating cold pressed juice into your daily routine will help support a healthy and nutrient rich diet. When and how often you cleanse is ultimately up to you and your health professional.


Q:  Why don’t you use glass bottles?  Aren’t they better for the environment?
A:  This is actually a common misconception.  Because of the weight of transporting glass for recycling, and the amount of water and heat required to sanitize it for reusing, more energy is consumed than that of our bottles.  A part of this reason is because we use PETE 1 bottles, which are not only made from primarily recycled plastic but also completely recyclable.  This allows us to minimize our carbon footprint and still provide you with a non-leaching, food-grade vessel for delivering natures bounty to you.
Q:  What do you do with all the fruit and vegetable waste?
A:  Our leftover pulp is composted and used for fertilizer in local gardens.
Q:  Do you recycle the boxes your produce comes in?
A:  We like to think we do one step better than recycling.  Instead of recycling our produce boxes, which requires a good amount of energy, we actually break them down and use them for packaging support in our cleanses.
Q:  Can I have PJD deliver to my house regularly?
A:  Most definitely.  We are happy to deliver every 1,2, or 3 days depending on how much juice your home or office requires.
Q:  Is it ok if I order additional juice, almond milk, or supplemental water with my cleanse?
A:  We would love that!  If you believe your particular nutritional requirements necessitate extra drinks during your cleanse, you may simply add them to your order in our marketplace.
Q:  When I order a cleanse, can I substitute juices in a particular category?
A:  Of course you can.  If you have a personal preference regarding a juice, like maybe the beets in our Roots 1 (despite being great for you) just don’t agree with your palate, you are welcome to swap it out for extra Roots 2.  You can add any such requests to the “Notes” section when ordering and we will adjust accordingly.
Q:  How do I specify what day I would like to begin my cleanse?
A:  An order received prior to Midnight will automatically be delivered the following evening unless otherwise requested in the “Notes” section of your order.  For example, an order received before 12AM on Monday the 1st would be delivered the evening of Tuesday the 2nd so that you can begin your cleanse as early as you like on Wednesday the 3rd.
Q:  When should I expect my cleanse delivery?
A:  Typically we deliver cleanses Monday-Thursdaybetween 6:00-8:00PM (4:00pm-6:00pm on Sunday) the evening before you begin your cleanse.  This ensures that if you are an early riser you don’t have to wait around for some nourishment.  It also allows you time to prepare your bag of juice for the office or wherever the next day takes you.  If for any reason you have a special delivery request, please include it in your “notes” and we will always accommodate to the very best of our ability.
Q:  Is the delivery window the same for non-cleanse orders?
A:  Actually, it is not.  We require advance notice for cleanses because of the volume of juice.  If you would like to order juice for your family or coworkers for a day or two, you can give us a call or place it online.  As long as you meet the $57 minimum we will deliver it just as soon as we can.


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