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Summer Cleanse Guidelines



You will want to drink your juices about an hour and a half to two hours apart.  It is not necessary to pace the juices so they last until it is time for your next one.  You will feel more satiated  and receive a more noticeable increase in physical energy and mental clarity if you consume your juice like you would a quick meal (about 15 minutes or less). 


Drink your juices  in the following order each day:


1.  Greens

2.  Roots

3.  Baller Melon

4.  Roots

5.  Greens

6.  Double Detox Rx


The more water you drink between juices, the better you will feel and the more beneficial your cleanse will be. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us by email at or refer to the FAQ page.


“You Can Feel Good!”

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